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Pirate Ship Park

Updated: May 27, 2022

What a great park we visited in Loughton Milton Keynes. Daisy loved playing in the sand and climbing over the rocks that outlined it, she loved picking up sand and putting it in the bucket attached to the pirate ship.

She enjoyed the pirate roundabout and running in and out of the ship. We probably spent a good 2 hours there.

I would say this park is suitable for crawlers right up until you’re about 10! There aren’t any baby swing, hurray, because I find it so boring pushing Daisy in a swing (sorry).

The sand seemed nice and clean and it’s a soft fall for any toddlers unsteady or just clumsy. The actual ship is too high and advanced for a toddler of Daisy’s age (20months). Maybe from 3 or 4 and they would be able to climb safely. I lifted daisy up to the pirate ship wheel but wouldn’t have managed to lift her up to the slide.

There is also a climbing for older children probably 10yrs on wards.

To find the park use postcode MK5 8DJ. I found a spot by the sports pavilion.


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