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Stowe National Trust

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Today we visited Stowe National Trust in Buckingham. The grounds are lovely and we had such a nice time walking and exploring.

Daisy loved seeing the ducks and geese, jumping in puddles and collecting pebbles. There are lots of forest areas with crunchy leaves to jump in and lots of water to see the ducks. We didn’t have the best duck feeding session because they didn’t seem hungry! Maybe because I packed healthy snacks like sweet corn and peas! Anyway, it was lovely none the less. There isn’t a park for children but plenty of space to explore. As a National Trust member it was free but for non members it’s £12.60 for adults and £6.30 for kids.

Watch out for events over on their website too, particularly over Easter with the egg hunts, they also do group dog walks and activity trails.

It’s worth mentioning that it is buggy friendly and they do have a café but we didn’t use it. Use postcode MK18 5EQ.


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