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Tear Drop Lakes Stepping Stones

I used to meet my Mum on her lunch break and walk these lakes regularly. How could I have not spotted the stepping stones, maybe I wasn’t looking through a child’s eyes.

We went exploring these lakes recently and found the steps, at first I was massively underwhelmed as I’d seen some epic instagram worthy photos there and they just didn’t look the same bit magical none the less.

Daisy is 3 and there's no way she could walk on these alone. I was standing between the two and holding both her hands and hopping her across. She loved it. The water around the stones was shallow but of course this isn’t somewhere to play. I think it’s a great place for a cheeky photo and a quick hop across with an adult depending on age. Even I found it really fun!

There was a fence surrounding the water around the steps but you don’t need to cross the fence to access the steps and there's no signs to say you’re not allowed on them.

The lakes themselves are great for wildlife, many birds and lots of fishermen and women. It’s also a great place for a scooter and bike, I would say it’s wheelchair friendly too given the smooth paths.

There's 4 lakes and a huge hill which you can run up and down. Or stand at the bottom like I did!

We parked in the free car park by the cricket pitch. We the walked right to the furthest lake to find the stepping stones but there are some others too.

Use postcode MK5 8FT


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