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The Leys Recreation Ground

Updated: May 27, 2022

There’s THREE enclosed parks here. All on one field and all walking distance from one another.

They are all gated and they all say suitable for over 3s however Daisy who just turned 2 loved them. She particularly loved climbing over the large orange objects and jumping off them. She also enjoyed the rope see-saw which I love as I can go on that too!

There’s football goals and basketball nets, gym equipment and a giants bench in the middle of the field.

They’ve also left lots of the grass long which is great for wildlife and wild flowers.

Great little find tucked behind a housing estate.

There’s various places to park along The Leys Recreation Ground but I parked here -

MK3 6LW there’s no set parking so be mindful where you leave your car as it’s a residential area.


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