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The Patch MK - Sunflowers

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

I was invited to The Patch MK for a preview of their Sunflower set up and I was blown away. COVID-19 aside, there has been so much thought that has gone into it to make sure families and children have a great time.

It's a great place to let children run free outside while we, as parents, take in the lovely views of Sunflowers, Wild Flowers and to spot the Bees and the Butterflies.

There are extra wide paths that weave through the breathtakingly tall Sunflowers. You will be able to purchase Sunflowers at the exit which have been pre-picked as well as Wheat Sheaf, which I am now the proud owner of. There are two varieties of Sunflowers, tall ones and ones with huge round faces the size of a dinner plate!

The Maize Maze has no dead ends so that groups of people are not forced to pool together, these are just some of the touches added due to COVID-19.

Daisy, 3 loved the Tractor the most. It's 73 years old from memory and she loved climbing the wooden steps to sit on the seat. There is hand sanitizer available to use beforehand.

Another favourite was the Hay Bale stack which she wanted to climb but was a tad too small. Instead getting me to climb it with her! She enjoyed running around this and through the Wheat field which, again has a pathway. I am revisiting with a friend and her children and we are looking forward to having a Tractor Barrel ride which wasn't on today. Families wont be mixed and won’t be sat close together. The rides will be £2.50 and this will be paid cash.

They also have a BBQ where they will sell fresh corn and let me tell you, there is nothing better than freshly picked sweetcorn. They will also have Burgers, these are card payment only.

There is a one way in and one way out system with as little human interference as possible, I'm sure it was mentioned you self scan your own ticket too. There are toilets with hand washing facilities as well as disabled toilets.

You could take your buggy/wheelchair if it's ok usually on uneven ground and grass. I think regular buggies may struggle through the Maze. Mine would be fine but it's meant for off-road, I also have an icandy though which would manage.

Tickets are to be pre-booked online only. This is to prevent it getting too busy. They cost from £2.95 and under 2s go free, you can book here. You are given an hour window to arrive in and they suggest staying for a maximum of 2 hours.

Parking on the grass is free and close to the entrance. No dogs allowed and no picnics.

Due to the weather and many other factors no one really knows how long the sunflowers are expected to last however they do have a smaller patch which has yet to bloom. Their poster mentions 24th August but for the most up to date information check out their Instagram or Facebook at The Patch Mk.

Address - The Patch MK, Northants, MK19 6DG


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