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Beautiful Moments Captured Forever

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Imagine having some of your most beautiful moments captured forever in a photograph? A special moment made into a memory you can treasure forever, a moment between you and your son or daughter, giggling or pressing your checks against one another or leaning in for a big warm cuddle, climbing that tree together or picking leaves off the forest floor. Well that was me, the girl who’s always behind the camera taking photos of my daughter, Daisy, playing or cuddling up to her Grandparents while I get the odd selfie on the days I decide to wear a bit of makeup and can keep Daisy still for two minutes.

When was the last time someone snapped a quick photo of you enjoying a special moment with your child without you asking or posing? For me that’s never and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all, but it just doesn’t happen. Everyone tells you to treasure every moment and it’s true, since Daisy’s been born almost two years ago I’ve paid for four photo shoots, none of which I’ve featured in and I’ve even had some with her and the dog! It’s beautiful to look back at times that are now a little hazy. Photographs are so permanent and I adore having these prints to hold in my hands and reminisce about what once was.

When Roxanne asked me if I wanted to have some photos taken of Daisy and I, I jumped at the chance. Roxanne specialises in natural outdoor photographs and this couldn’t suit our relationship as Mother and Daughter better if you tried. I would not have accepted if these photos were not outside as it’s not something I enjoy, I don’t enjoy being inside very much at all to be honest and a studio shoot with bright lights isn’t something that fits well with us plus Daisy isn’t the kind of toddler who enjoys sitting still! Give her a log to climb or stick to dig with and she’s in her element.

I am a very confident person but only when I’m in control and in this case, I was not, so I almost turned into an introvert, shying away and became this nervous ball of fluff attempting to play it cool. Roxanne made me feel very comfortable though and Daisy was able to run free and explore with the occasional prompt from Roxanne of which direction to face or suggestion of where to stand or head to next. It really did feel like Daisy and I were able to be ourselves and behave like we would normally when we are out and about on one of our adventures, only I had more makeup on than usual! It helped that Roxanne and I are very similar in our interests and with our love of the great outdoors we just clicked. She knows all of the hidden gems of Milton Keynes and we managed to get some beautiful shots.

After the photos were edited I received an email with a log in to our every own gallery. Roxanne has managed to capture Daisy’s cheeky and inquisitive personality so well while capturing our beautiful mother and daughter relationship too. There are some lovely moments that Daisy and I had that day and they’re memories I can now hold on to forever.



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