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Breastmilk milestone Jewellery


I recently received a custom made silver bead containing my breast milk to mark my breastfeeding journey with my two girls.

I think it’s really important to celebrate our parenting achievements no matter how small they are. I have so many things I’m proud of and breastfeeding is one of those so I couldn’t have been happier when Eternally Cherished asked me if I’d like the bead made.

I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea however so many of you were as intrigued as I was and so I really wanted to share the process and end results with you.

The whole process was super easy, I was sent a breast milk collection kit in the post which consisted of a labeled container and two breastmilk bags. I used a pump to express some breastmilk. You only need to send 30ml back in the post which was great for me as I struggle to express much more than this. The milk can be sent by normal Royal Mail and that was it, as easy as that.

I was asked what pigment I’d like in the bead and was sent various options, I chose an iridescent purple. After a few weeks my bead arrived. It came beautifully packaged with a gift box to keep it safe. It’s such a great keepsake and something I’ll cherish forever and show and speak to the girls about if they ever ask me, probably when they have babies in years to come.

The bead itself is so special and absolutely stunning, you can’t see it’s true beauty, photographs just do not do it justice.

If you want any bespoke jewellery made I highly recommend the super talented Eternally Cherished. Check out her website here.

No matter how small, lets all celebrate our motherhood triumphs!


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