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Downsbarn huge slide park

We love this park. The slide is huge with a bump in the middle and the kids loved it. It gets quite busy but it's so lovely to see so many kids having fun outdoors!

The slide is on a huge hill, great for running or rolling down it!

Along both sides of the hill in an obstacle type course. It's a bit grown up for Daisy who’ll be 4 in a few months but fun if you help them and fun to give it a whirl.

They had swings and a massive wooden circle that the kids laid on and it spun around. And some other different bits there.

We had fun and for the slide alone it's worth it!


It’s a residential area so you will need to be mindful of where you park. Use postcode MK14 7LR for Martingale Place. Drive down the end of the road and you’ll see a foot path, follow that until you see the park to the left.


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